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  3. Server Rules and Conduct Please be aware that these rules are subject to change at any time, it is YOUR job as a member of the community to keep up to date on this information. General Rules: Age Requirement for the server: 13+ Your name in game should be something realistic, Example: S.Hudson Being or breeding toxicity in any platform can have you removed from the community, if you have an issue address it properly, not in ways to create drama or be negative. A working mic is required to play on the server. (You may not play music/soundboards through your microphone at any point.) When in game you must stay in character at all times. If there is a problem, roleplay out the situation to the best of your ability and then bring it up to staff in discord. Metagaming, Powergaming, and RDM are not allowed. Metagaming: Purposely using or relaying information which your character did not learn in game. (Twitch streams/chats and Discord Channels included) to shape in game roleplay. Powergaming: Roleplaying outside of your character traits, abusing mechanics, and using means not actually in game to gain an advantage such as: Not using /me to notify information to people of something they should notice. Example: If a cop or medic /me checks over your body - you should reply /me has stab wounds if you were stabbed. Not realistically fearing for your life when you are threatened with weapons or sever harm from other means. Jumping around to gain speed or boost your character in a situation. Hearing someone talking while far away, outside of their car with windows rolled up, outside of a building Generally stay true to your physical character. Example: If you are old, overweight, disabled, etc you should always have your physical "level" in mind. Random Death Match (RDM): Attacking another player/group without any story or reason leading up to it. Animal Roleplay is not allowed unless you intend to not talk. Animals don't talk. Armored Vehicles are not to be used, however this does not include armored trucks for things such as Bank Truck transports. Vehicles with guns or that are otherwise unrealistic are not permitted to be driven. Hitman roleplay is not allowed without proper roleplay, if you are hired to kill someone do not just randomly shoot them. Have proper roleplay leading up to it. During Priority Cooldown or Priority Hold you may not run from the police or do major crimes. There is to be no shooting of any kind. Note, police can still interact with you but you cannot run from them. New Life Rule (NLR): If you are downed or respawn using /respawn your character forgets all events leading up to being downed in the current scenario. (You may not respawn if you've been advise EMS or LEO is on the way to your scene.) If all LEO units are downed they may respawn and respond to the call as a "New Unit" Stealing LEO or emergency vehicles is not allowed. Kidnapping or Fighting with LEO/Fire&EMS is not permitted at any point unless there is proper roleplay and backstory leading up to it. You cannot kidnap them randomly. Cop Baiting is not tolerated. If a unit is not responding to your call or not pulling you over they may be busy. Deliberately breaking laws in front of a cop over and over could lead to removal from the server. Unrealistic driving is not allowed, you must drive as if it were real life, not as if it was GTA Online. Example: Driving a sports car 200mph on dirt and jumping 200 feet in the air is unrealistic. Guidelines: Character Creation: When creating a character you are not just putting a name on a model. Also consider: What are the personality traits of your character? Shy or confident? Lazy or hark working? Give your character some strengths and weaknesses and think about how your character would react to things based on those traits. What is the background for this character? Where do they come from? While this does not have to be very detailed putting some thought into this will make it easier to roleplay the character. Remember to stick to your character's traits, you're playing the life of this character so their experiences should let your character evolve. Let certain actions have lasting effect on your character. Your character shouldn't be involved in everything and anything. If there is a new thing you'd like to do or new personality traits you'd like to try consider making a new character. Your character shouldn't be a Millionaire CEO-Gangster-Lawyer-Rambo-Killer-Hitman who tries to be involved in all of the criminal groups. Once a character has reached or failed to reach their goals it might be time for that characters story to come to an end, consider creating a new character and either killing off or exiting the other character within RP. Interactions: While playing on this server players will interact with people from all walks of life. From government officials and law enforcement to small business owners and various types of criminals. The goal is for players to provide each other with an immersive experience and add to each other’s stories. Interaction with EMS: If you are downed (by accident or a victim of a crime) you must wait for police or EMS to arrive. When help arrives both sides should strive to provide good scenario for each other. EMS will act in a professional manner during the situation and the civilian will roleplay out their injuries to the best of their ability. Use of /me or /do to provide extra information of vitals and injuries is encouraged Interacting with Police: Police will behave in a professional manner towards the public and each other while the public will provide a base level of respect, you’d generally give police. Be mindful of when in police custody and provide info through use of the /me command for police to use in their investigations. When a player is downed or put in handcuffs by police, they are considered being in police custody. Once in custody the current crime or pursuit scenario is over and switches over to an arrest/investigation scenario. During an arrest/investigation scenario friends of the person(s) under arrest may no longer interfere and civilians not needed for questioning or involved should leave the area. Environment: The setting for our server is the State of San Andreas and the counties within it. It’s a state made up of several million people with your characters being a sample of the people in it. While your characters may vary depending on what you prefer the State of San Andreas will act and should be treated as a realistic state. A lot of the balance for a character may come from this. Example: If a player decides to make a psycho killer and go on a spree the player should fully expect this type of character to be short-lived and once caught to be punished of the law
  4. Forums Rules and Conduct Please be aware that these rules are subject to change at any time, it is YOUR job as a member of the community to keep up to date on this information. Sub-Forums and Forums may set ADDITIONAL rules, which you must comply with. Community Age Requirement: 13+ [In compliance with FiveM] Being or breeding toxicity in any platform can have you removed from the community, if you have an issue address it properly, not in ways to create drama or be negative. Posting content that would induce drama or target a member of the community is not allowed. Poaching is not allowed. If you are found to be poaching members you will be banned instantly and forever Post all content in the correct sections, failure to do so may result in a warning by staff. Do not post in sections you are not authorized for. Civilian posting in LSPD Forums. Spamming of any sort is forbidden, this includes Double Posting, Topic Bumping, and Thread Necromancy. To avoid double posting, edit your previous reply. Do not psuedomoderate the forums, in the top right hand corner of a post or reply there is a "Report Post", staff will handle these. Threads that have not been responded to for 10 days are "dead", replying to them is Thread Necromancy, and will result in a warning. [Does not apply to Official Threads: Staff Applications, Ban Appeals, etc] Shitpost Central is for more "questionable" content, how ever it is not a loophole for toxicity or targeting members, it's for your meme and spam thread desires. The Playground is for forums games, which must not be spam threads, to boost post count. Reputation and Post Count farming will result in a reset to 0 on the applicable counts. Reputations should be used in a constructive manner. Pornography, Personal Information, Racist/Derogatory Content is forbidden on ALL sections of the forums. Bypassing signature restrictions or obnoxious signatures will result in a warning. ATTENTION: Within the "In Character" Subsection/Forums ALL information posted/requested refers to your CHARACTER. Do NOT use actual IRL Information within these forums, for your own personal security. OOC Items will ONLY be found on applications and will be EXPLICITLY stated via a [OOC] in front of EACH question.
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