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A. Goosley

[Forums] Celestial RPC Forums Rules

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Forums Rules and Conduct

Please be aware that these rules are subject to change at any time, it is YOUR job as a member of the community to keep up to date on this information.
Sub-Forums and Forums may set ADDITIONAL rules, which you must comply with. 


  • Community Age Requirement: 13+ [In compliance with FiveM]
  • Being or breeding toxicity in any platform can have you removed from the community, if you have an issue address it properly, not in ways to create drama or be negative.
  • Posting content that would induce drama or target a member of the community is not allowed.
  • Poaching is not allowed. If you are found to be poaching members you will be banned instantly and forever
  • Post all content in the correct sections, failure to do so may result in a warning by staff.
  • Do not post in sections you are not authorized for. Civilian posting in LSPD Forums.
  • Spamming of any sort is forbidden, this includes Double Posting, Topic Bumping, and Thread Necromancy. To avoid double posting, edit your previous reply.
  • Do not psuedomoderate the forums, in the top right hand corner of a post or reply there is a "Report Post", staff will handle these.
  • Threads that have not been responded to for 10 days are "dead", replying to them is Thread Necromancy, and will result in a warning. [Does not apply to Official Threads: Staff Applications, Ban Appeals, etc]
  • Shitpost Central is for more "questionable" content, how ever it is not a loophole for toxicity or targeting members, it's for your meme and spam thread desires.
  • The Playground is for forums games, which must not be spam threads, to boost post count.
  • Reputation and Post Count farming will result in a reset to 0 on the applicable counts. 
  • Reputations should be used in a constructive manner. 
  • Pornography, Personal Information, Racist/Derogatory Content is forbidden on ALL sections of the forums.
  • Bypassing signature restrictions or obnoxious signatures will result in a warning.

ATTENTION: Within the "In Character" Subsection/Forums ALL information posted/requested refers to your CHARACTER. Do NOT use actual IRL Information within these forums, for your own personal security. OOC Items will ONLY be found on applications and will be EXPLICITLY stated via a [OOC] in front of EACH question.

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